Thursday, August 26, 2010

click HERE to learn more about the hostage-taker:Senior Inspector Rolando Del Rosario Mendoza

As some of you may already know, last Monday, Aug. 23, there was a hostage-taking incident in Rizal Park that left 8 Hong Kong tourists dead.
It started at 7 or 8 a.m. and lasted until almost 10 p.m. when a sniper shot Mendoza.
And ever since then, people all over the world,
especially Chinese,have mixed feelings about our country and its people.
Many say bad things about our police, the hostage taker, even the president and the entire country itself-Filipinos who had nothing to do with the hostage-taking. Filipinos have been nothing but hospitable to tourists..and just because of this one incident they throw numerous insults to us. It really made me angry. I even heard in the news that an OFW was terminated because her employer was enraged about the hostage-taking incident. But at least Jackie Chan didn't hate the Philippines; he said,
“This kind of things always happens around the world. It happens to HK’s people. The whole HK is talking about it. It’s really sad.”
“If they killed the guy sooner, they will say why not negotiate first? If they negotiate first, they ask why not kill the guy sooner? So sad.”
“Humans should be united and not kill or hate each other.”

The Chinese shouldn't vent their anger on innocent people- like the OFWs there in HK. I'm not certain on who is to blame for the deaths- but it certainly aren't those OFWs... But I think all the others are to blame- police and media and of course, the hostage-taker. I think the police lacked the skills and training; while the media shouldn't broadcast every little detail of an event like this. I was quite irritated when the nearby civilians flocked to the crime scene like it was a show, or an actor was there. Even though it was raining it didn't stop them from being nosy... they were really bothersome.

Also, I think it's unfair for the foreigners to criticize our country and the Filipinos. We Filipinos are one of the most tolerant people, we welcome everyone and yet some foreigners treat us like we are their servants and think that they are better than us...Especially the Filipino domestic helpers, most of their owners treat them like animals- have you seen what horrible things their owners do to them??? [I have seen it in the news and documentaries] Everyone should respect one another whatever their nationality is.
In times of crises like these, people shouldn't hate and blame others; no one wished for those bad things to happen. As Mr. Chan had said, we should unite and maintain peace. So let us just all pray for the souls of the people who died, may they rest in peace... >: sorry :<

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