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I 'd like to talk about PTC [paid to click] and HYIP [high yield investment program] online. Earning online has been in the internet for several years. Some websites use the net for advertising; not like newspapers and television it has worldwide coverage- you can advertise your product or anything that needs exposure to consumers; this is the advantage of internet.
Back to our topic, many earning online websites have been popping out from different places- some closed or turned to be a scam, within 2 months or less. I was even a victim. Now I did research and look for payment proofs before joining a site. To find proofs I go to the forum and observe what the members are posting. In that way, you have an edge or an overview of how the site works or if it is reliable.
The sites I've joined are:
1 Clixsense-most secure since it pays its members continuously. To earn more, one should invite more friends to join under them- "referrals".
2 Palmbux- this is the no. 1 site because the referrals for rent here are active- I'm still a newbie but they are really paying their members.
3 Neobux- this used to be no. 1, by clicking ads you earn, upgrade and you earn more- they have history of paying their members.
4 Gagabux- the fastest growing ptc site with proofs of payment in their forum..it's very easy to earn here- minimum cash out is 2 dollars.
5 Hatbux-a bit new but promising
6 Mylot- socializing site like facebook; members earn through interaction with people all over the globe- posting discussion,photos and responding to discussions.
7 Lockerz-invitation is a must to be a member- earning is a bit easy and there are great prizes--if interested send me a message of your e-mail address.
8 Hyifund-i've invested here- upon joining a member is given 2.50 dollars investment to start; i'm still earning daily.
>>other high yield investment sites you can afford to lose I'll update this again if i have found ptc sites that are worth recommending. Please refer to the ads ABOVE and click what you want to join- send me a private message if you have questions.Happy CLICKING. :D :D :D


This is another site where you can definitely earn money. Joining is free and like other ptc sites, having referrals can help a lot for you to earn money easier- you can find your referral banner or link in the refer button in the menu. It may be a bit confusing at first but it is quite easy once you get used to it. The main goal is to get points using the gc which you acquire by completing tasks daily- once you have 1 gc you can play games to get points. When you get enough points [1 point] you can cash out or you can own an offer which will increase your points. There are still many things in prizelive that can help you increase your gc, your points and even both. So join now and earn money while playing.


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