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NONCHAN TO WATASHI by Yoshino Aki... is a really cute love story about childhood friends who fell apart. It's a bit cliche but the plot was really good and the ending was just lovely. It's a good read if you have nothing better to do.. :D

KON NO KI KONOHA[Leaves of the Deep Blue Tree] This is a touching story of a love that can never be..."Only in autumn when the dead leaves flutter about can Akino meet the mysterious boy who lives inside the deep blue tree." It's just very short, but it was a great's a must read- although I must warn you since this is a tragedy. But it was still definitely very worth my time...I'm quite speechless, so please just watch the video. :D

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There is truly more than meets the eye...and nEVEr judge a book by its cover.
This manga(comics of japan) is truly a great read. At first when I saw the cover, I thought it was action..the plot goes like this--Yuiko Kubozuka loves animals, but animals don't like her. One night, while trying to save a cat in a tree, she meets a boy with wild hair and scary eyes who saves the cat. The boy turns out to be Yuiko's new transfer classmate, Leo Aoi. She finds him to be funny and not scary at all, while everyone else feared him. This makes Leo very happy. But there's a secret hidden within Leo. What will happen to their relationship?[summary was from Mangafox] Basically, Beast Master is a romantic/comedy, drama, school life, action and mystery type of manga. It is so touching and interesting; it will never bore you. i have tons of praises for this book, but i suggest you just read it and tell me what you think- and see for yourself what a great manga this is. It will teach you about first love,friendship, trust and everything else..

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