Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rematch on Hold

Bob Arum wants to hold an investigation on Manny Pacquiao's controversial defeat from Timothy Bradley. Although he admitted that he can make tons of money from a rematch between Pacquiao and Bradley. He said that he cannot accept Saturday night's decision over the WBO welterweight title. 

However, the Nevada state Althetic Commission clearly said last night that they would stand by the decision of the 3 seasoned judges and that there woul be no internal investigation.
Both boxers agreed to have a rematch on November 10.
2 of the judges gave the fight to Bradley, 115- 113..

Friday, June 1, 2012

Arm less Fil-Am girl weds her Tae Kwan Do instructor

  Jessica Cox, 29 an  Armless pilot and motivational speaker finally tied the knot with Patrick Chamberlain, her tae kwan do instructor after a year of engagement at a Pasadena, California church last May 12.
Jessica, an honoree of the American with Disabilities (ADA) in 2010. Pres. Obama called Cox an inspiration of handicapped people to the tens of thousands of people at the White House.
how they met: (Chamberlain said): “Jessica and I met through taekwondo. I was her instructor...I was working with another lady, we were running a school, and Jessica came in. She was asked to do a special demonstration for our World Championships in front of our grand master and about 5,000 people. So she needed extra training to get ready,” 
"Not long after that, I got transferred to another school. And I thought, what the heck. She's an amazing person. I'm taking her to dinner. And the rest is history."
It was just a small wedding, with a few perks.. Like instead of a ring, Jessica had and anklet on her left ankle and she used her foot to cut the cake..
Her friends and family are very happy for them, especially for Jessica to have found someone who sees what she truly is and loves her.. 
She is truly an amazing person and an inspiration to all.
I hope they have a wonderful life together. 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Marlon Stockinger: wins the Monaco GP3 event in French Riviera


the one in the MIDDLE 
The 21- year old Filipino-Swiss race car driver Marlon Stockinger became the youngest 
Grand Prix winner in European history who wins the Monaco GP3 event held in French Riviera,
and the first Filipino ever to win a formula race in Europe.

 The world-famous Monte Carlo street circuit became the venue of the first-ever attempt of a Filipino
to conquer the world of racing. Marlon was able to maintain his lead against Daniel Abt and Antonio Felix
da Costa and finally winning the most prestigious crown.

This is really great new, another new Filipinos would be proud of.  He is a proud Filipino since he even grew up here.. I hope he achieves his dream and a bright career will be ahead of him..

Eggs are good for your health

People always thought for decades, or even centuries that eggs are bad for us, since they are high in cholesterol. But they are so delicious.. :)  good news.. they are not high in cholesterol at all, but they are low in calories..
Here are some benefits we get from eating egg:
They are great for the eyes, if you eat eggs daily you can your risk of getting cataract lessens.
One egg contains 6 gm of protein and all 9 essential amino acids.
There is no connection between egg and heart disease, in fact, eating eggs can also prevent blood clots, stroke, and heart attacks.
Eggs "may" prevent breast cancer, and they also give healthy hair and nails...

But do not each too much eggs- one or 2 is enough every day...and never forget fruits and vegetables...
stay healthy. :D :D

A man ate the face of another man-- Canniblaism in Miami !


This happened in Miami.. A naked man looked to be arguing with another man, a homeless guy; as police came by.. Little did they know that he was already eating the face of the homeless man.. They tried to talk to the naked man, but he just continued eating the other guys face/head.. abut 70 percent was gone.
So the police shot at him, but he didn't seem hurt at all. The witnesses say they heard about 6 shots before the guy dropped and died..
This was a really scary story, and some people on the internet said a drug made the naked man do it.. i wonder what the drug made him feel.. That another person was food and made him feel no pain?
Poor homeless guy. he was still conscious while his face was being chewed off.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

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I haven't really posted anything in a while.. been really busy with sideline stuff