Friday, August 27, 2010

MAJOR major : Venus Raj

Maria Venus Bayonito Raj, the representative of the Republic of the Philippines is the 4th runner up of the recently held Miss Universe 2010. We, Filipinos are very proud of her. :D Although lots of people say that she could have done better in the question and answer portion, I didn’t think the question suited her. question : “What was the biggest mistake that you did in your life? And what did you do to make it right?”

Even other people found it difficulty to answer that question; also whenever Venus makes mistakes she tries hard to make it right, she fights- just like what she did when she was almost dethroned because there was something wrong in her birth certificate. If she didn’t fight for her crown, now THAT would be her biggest mistake- but she’s definitely a fighter… Also, about the “major, major” that she said in the Q and A, I personally think it’s fine even though some people make it a big deal. She was very nervous at that time, and she did correct it, she said “I mean…”; and I noticed in her interviews that she tends to repeat words, like very very. And let’s face it, English is only our 2nd or 3rd language, and we can’t express our thoughts well in English. Overall, again, we are very proud of Venus, you worked hard for it, you deserved it. I hope that you have a great life… :D :D

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