Monday, May 24, 2010

Newborn baby found in a toilet bowl

Fortunately, the baby was saved..
I can’t really figure out how people could do such horrible things. If they didn’t want the baby, they could’ve just given him to a couple who wants a child, not just throw him in the bowl. Aren’t babies a blessing, a gift from God? Why are some people so selfish… only concerned about their own happiness at the moment If you can’t take responsibility of it, then don’t make a baby, the child is the one that will suffer the most…the ultimate loser. There are lots of abandoned and uncared for children al around us…because the parents are irresponsible, they grow up without someone to lead them to the right direction. There are not enough institutions to help these poor children…
And as a father, I hope that every other parent like me will love their children unconditionally. And let us do our best to raise them as better people… let us also cherish the lives of everyone, not only ours and our children…The life of a person is given by God, it is not ours to manipulate, it is not ours to take; but we should love it...and live it...

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