Friday, May 21, 2010

Can't stand the heat

I would just like to blog about how hot it is today… it might not be as hot compared to Africa, but still- we aren’t really used to this kind of heat…we haven’t even reached 87 F in our part of the country before... but now the temperature is at 90-97 F. The El Niño is at its worse…Some plants are dying in our garden even if it’s being watered everyday, …even taking a bath doesn’t help in relieving oursleves from the heat. It’s dangerous to stay under the heat of the sun too long now, because we might get skin cancer or have a heat stroke which is very deadly. The farms in the province are dried up, too. I really hope this El Niño ends soon…because of this, the electricity bills are going high and there is a blackout sometimes… maybe this is what they call climate change, or maybe I’m just imagining things…but it has never been this hot and dry before and I didn’t even notice that there was an El Niño at times... but now it's widely felt by everyone and it affects our economy.

ehem..what is El Nino? [taken from]
A warming of the surface water of the eastern and central Pacific Ocean, occurring every 4 to 12 years and causing unusual global weather patterns. It occurs when the trade winds that usually push warm surface water westward weaken, allowing the warm water to pool as far eastward as the western coast of South America. When this happens, the typical pattern of coastal upwelling that carries nutrients from the cold depths to the ocean surface is disrupted, and fish and plankton die off in large numbers. El Niño warming is associated with the atmospheric phenomenon known as the southern oscillation, and their combined effect brings heavy rain to western South American and drought to eastern Australia and Indonesia [which is near the Philippines :D].

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