Saturday, May 8, 2010

A mother's love...God's love

My family and I attended the 8:00 mass this morning... I was really touched by the priest's homily, so I decided to share it to all of you..Our Lord showed his undying love to us, by giving up His only Son to save us. He didn't even ask us to love Him back... To let us further understand of His great love, the priest shared a story.
One day, a child was born without ears. As she grew up, she had no friends to play with- many children also tease her because of her condition. She became so saddened, that her mother decided to let the doctors operate on her, to give her ears. The operation was successful, and the girl had the ears that she wanted. Since then, she had gained friends and was happy. Years passed and she found love and decided to get married. She went home to her mother to thank her for all the things she had done for her. She embraced her and by chance, she touched the side of her mother's head and found that her ears were missing. She realized, that her mother transferred her ears to her daughter. She cried and asked her mother why she'd done it. Her mother answered, "Anything given up out of love, is a thing not lost."
As what the Father has done for us...
Love is not an investment- you must not expect to receive something in return.

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