Friday, May 7, 2010

Election 2010

With only 3 days left before election day- many Filipino voters still do not know which candidate to choose. Many even doubt if the election would be successful, because the PCOS machines to be used are still malfunctioning. Concerned agencies even suggested that the election be postponed due to the lack of time in preparation and the late delivery of the machine in some remote areas. Since it is the first time that the Filipinos will experience an automated election; some concerned group suggested that the ComElec must have a back-up plan in case anything goes wrong. The people assigned should be ready to manually count the votes... They should also be vigilant because many will try to cheat he election. But not only those assigned are responsible for the sanctity of this event. I think all of us- whatever the age and status, should report whatever suspicious things take place. I just hope everything goes well, many had been volunteering as election 'watchers'.
It's never too late even for the Philippines to rise...
May nagawa sila noon, may magagawa tayo ngayon...

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