Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's Earth Day...let's do our share

Today- forty years ago, U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day; which started as a teach-in or a seminar. It is a day where people become aware and appreciate our Mother Earth. It is a day where they do something for the benefit of our deteriorating environment...
Due to the advancements in science, new discoveries were made to improve our living conditions; disregarding the harmful effects it does on our environment. Some nations only think of the money they make on new gadgets and inventions, forgetting the harmful effects it may do to Mother Earth. We are now experiencing climate change. In other countries they now have an alarming rise in temperature, there are many disastrous earthquakes, flashfloods, typhoons and hurricanes; and currently there is a volcanic eruption with lightning in Iceland. Before things get more unstable, we have to act now- even in our little ways we can do something to help. We should start from ourselves so others may be influenced by our actions- we can pass the message on by our deeds.
How can we start? Here are some ways: planting tress in your backyard or school, dispose your waste properly and not throw them on the street or burning them, segregate your garbage so you can recycle the nonbiodegradable trash, turn off the the lights when not needed, use a fan rather than aircon or electric fan, minimize using the tv and computer. So start today and encourage your family and community to do the same. By helping our environment we are ensuring a brighter future for the next generations...

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