Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kristen Stewart to replace Angelina Jolie

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I ‘ve read from that Kristen Stuart is rumored to be replacing Angelina Jolie in the sequel of Wanted- an action/fantasy movie about curving bullets.Although Angie's character died, the makers said they would somehow resurrect her for the next movie. Angie couldn't be in the sequel due to "scheduling conflicts and money disputes..." Angelina Jolie, being the child of award-winning actor John Voight is very capable and good at acting. She started out as a young advertising model before she was discovered. She can portray any role with flying colors. :} But I think Kristen Stewart is not cut out for this role- but I don't really underestimate her, this genre just isn't for her. I have seen some of her movies- she was a child star, and as I've observed she is not very convincing, most especially in her Twilight movies. She looks beautiful, fragile and sweet- but maybe in time she'll grow to be a good actress- in time... For now, let's just wait and see..

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