Saturday, May 15, 2010

Global Ascension

I would like to share what I have learned in today’s gospel reading, about the ascension of Jesus into Heaven; the 40th day after His resurrection. Before He rose up to Heaven, He blessed His disciples and told them to start spreading the Good News to all… Jesus is the living proof that there is life after death- men should die in order to rise again and meet our Creator. I have learned that life does not end in death…rather it is the beginning of a new life which God has promised, so we should follow Jesus’ example. Today is also the 44th Annual World Day for Social Communications- stressing the great role of media and technology in spreading the Word of God. Pope Benedict XVI also said that using the digital media is a great help in proclaiming the Good News all over the world- through websites, chatting and other social networking…priests and other religious men and women can easily reach out to those who need them. I have learned that the technology we have today should not only be used for leisure and playing… the internet we have today must also be used as a tool to connect with other people and God. :) :)

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