Thursday, May 13, 2010

Election Update

It seems that the first automated election in the Philippines became successful; amidst some incidents like vote-buying, harassments by private armies, minor glitches in the PCOS machines, defective CF cards and delay in election returns. Comelec has fulfilled what they had promised to all of us- quick and reliable results. 89% of the votes have been counted, many candidates have a big lead- some were already proclaimed and are celebrating their victory. Comelec is also doing a parallel random count to verify the authenticity of the results- and so far the machine count was only wrong for 2 votes; maybe it failed to count the invalid votes. Some candidates conceded and admit their defeat; they promised to help in improving the status of the Philippines. But others can’t accept defeat and want a recount. The Filipino people have spoken; they are already tired of corrupt officials and ‘traditional politicians.’ It’s the elected officials’ turn to fulfill their promises and serve the country- they were chosen by the people to rebuild and put the Philippines back where it was before, one of the ‘Tigers in Asia.’

Long live the Philippines….

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