Friday, May 13, 2011

Pacman VS Marquez anew

Bob Arum is negotiating the Pacman/Marquez fight after the pound for pound king easily beats Sugar Shane Mosley last May 8, possibly in November.Report says that Marquez had accepted to meet Pacquiao for the 3rd time as top rank promoter Bob Arum said an offer, he can't refuse.
There's a hitch though because Golden Boy promotion which handled Marquez has the right to refuse if their terms are not met.The lure of big money as much as $5 million plus pay-per-view and closed circuit sales according to boxing enthusiasts and Marquez desire for revenge maybe enough to accept Arum's terms.Other probable contenders are Timothy Bradley and Zab Judah, for Roach however "the only sensible fight out of the three is Marquez".
With regards to Manny's retirement, Bob Arum said it's nonsense.Considered to be the no. 1 pound for pound king, Arum urged Pacquiao to strike while the iron is hot.He is in the peak of his career so he must continue while the cash register rings in his presence.So boxing fans we may witness again another "fight of the century" if all push through, let's hope......

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