Friday, April 15, 2011

JLo, People Magazine's choice "The Most Beautiful Woman for 2011"

Actress, singer Jennifer Lopez was named "The Most Beautiful Woman" for the year 2011 by People Magazine last Wednesday.The 41 year old New York-born actress was very visible again when she was given a seat as one of the judges in the top rated talent show "American Idol".
JLo, joined former winners Hale Berry, Jennifer Garner and Beyonce Knowles to top People Magazine's annual lists of the world's most beautiful woman." It's so crazy.Rarely am I speechless, but I feel honored"

the actress told People of their accolade.I feel not worthy, you know?I feel happy and proud.Proud that I am not 25." Married to Marc Anthony a singer himself.She took time off to have her twins in 2008.
This title renew her popularity in which she said "She felt better now than what she had attained in her 20's.Known for her flowerless skin and curvy figure, she attributed looking good to her personal life.
"I have a lot of love in my life and feel lucky to be an attractive person but I've always felt the real beauty always comes from your heart."

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