Monday, October 25, 2010

VFA : American military- stay, leave or pay

Malacañang is keen on extending the presence of American military especially in Mindanao. By staying in our country, U.S. military deters any threats from bigger countries- keeping their country and its citizens safe.
American troops under the VFA have been with us for 11 years. Their stay here has helped a bit to a lot of Filipinos;

especially those who live near the American military base. They also keep the pacific region safe and peaceful in some aspect- except from the Vietnam war... But their contract has expired many years ago. if they want to renew their contract, they have to give in to our government terms. The agreement was elevated to Congress but it didn't survive... So, should we still consider them as visitors, welcome them as guests; even though they aren't staying here in the Philippines legally anymore?.. They need to pay for their stay to add a little to our national budget. :D As Miriam-Defensor Santiago said; "By asking direct compensation for their extended use of a military base in Mindanao, the Philippines would be getting more that the "loose change" they have been giving us. What do you think guys? Should they stay, leave or pay?

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