Friday, October 22, 2010

ELECTION na naman

On October 25,2010 Filipinos will once again exercise their freedom to choose the candidates who they think will lead them to the right path and make good changes.
The candidates are now very busy campaigning and making big promises for the people; promises they aren't even sure that they can keep. Some are already bribing them: like giving money, food, even tickets to all sorts of places.

They are posting their faces anywhere, thus making walls, posts and trees dirty- some even exceed the maximum size of posters. They also badmouth other candidates... Anyway,that's what the politicians have been doing these past few weeks.
I believe some candidates only join politics for prestige, power and money- to get back what they have spent during the campaign, with interest. Not to mention the violence that goes with the election, "partisans" [people who wholly support their party's policies and are reluctant to acknowledge correctness on the part of their political opponents; fr.], partisans will do anything just to win- they don't care about the consequences of their action...
I just hope this election will produce better leaders. Leaders who are responsible enough to fulfill their promises and truly work for the betterment of the land and its people. i hope Filipinos will vote the right people and not be blinded by their bribes... Good luck to us all. :D

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