Sunday, May 30, 2010

THE Youngest smoker in Indonesia

I just saw on the news today…a 2 year old boy- Ari Rizal, smoking like a pro. It all started when he was 18 months old, his father gave him his first cigarette; and since then the boy got addicted to it…He would even have tantrums and hit his head on the floor if the cigarette was taken away from him.  He finishes about 40 cigarettes a day- 2 packs.. I really can't believe the parents of this child, the father should've never given him a cigarette- and for him, his son looks totally fine and healthy- even if he obviously isn't. My wife even says that this is child abuse- and that the parents can be imprisoned or punished for this, and I agree...irresponsible parents like them are the reason why many children go into the wrong path.  I think we, parents should pay much more attention to our child's well being and expose them to the harmful effects of drugs and other hazardous stuff- but not let them try it..It's a good thing the baby is going to be taken to rehab…but I think it'll take a long time to help this baby- I hope he can fight his addiction.

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