Monday, May 10, 2010

Election Day

My wife and I woke up early and took a heavy breakfast to prepare ourselves for the first ever automated election. We got to our assigned poll precinct in a school near our house; we arrived there 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled time- 6:30 am. But sad to say the voting didn’t start on time, we had to wait for another hour. Some board of elections officers didn’t have enough members to assist and guide the voters on what to do…At first they have given us a piece of paper with the details of our precinct no. and our designated number. A teacher informed us that we will be given a priority number to make it orderly. We waited for another hour for the number to be given to us…but when he finally arrived to give us the number, he was blocked by the newcomers and was forced to give it to them (the newcomers). So we waited and were informed later that we were in the third batch- even though we were the first to arrive.

I also noticed some guys having sample ballots which were given by some supporters of candidates. A voter whispered to my wife that those voters who received sample ballots are given money in exchange for their votes. Even if the Filipinos are yearning for a new and better government through responsible voting, some people still stick to the wrong practices- for the benefit of some corrupt candidates.

When will the Filipinos wake up and fight for a change? Is it really too late? The right time is now… starting from you, me, each and everyone of us…Let’s make a change for the better so that the next generations will not suffer as much as we have.

The Filipinos are definitely worth dying for…

Every vote counts...let your voice be heard..

Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan…

May the Almighty God help us all… mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

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