Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mini Bio

I'm a country bred from Luzon, Philippines. Raised by a couple who earned a living through farming, I have two brothers. I finished my 1st and secondary education in my hometown. After which, I moved to the big city, to work to pay for my college education- I was in night school. The income of my parents were insufficient , so by working I thought I could help them.
I finished college, but applying for a job isn't easy especially if you haven't passed an accreditation for your course. But finally, I landed on a job not connected with my degree. I was hired to work in a shipping company {merchant vessel}- I traveled worldwide for free.
My last contract was ended last July 2009. Many shipping companies suffered huge losses due to the
global economic crisis. They cut short their hiring quotas until they fully recover.
At present, I am jobless. I'm living here in the southern part of the Philippines with my loving wife and 2 beautiful daughters. They are now in college so I have to think of some way to help them pursue their dreams.
And as I was browsing the net, I read some interesting blogs which encouraged me to make one myself. So here I am...I hope my blog interests you too.
>>the hardest part is how to begin

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