Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Good day to all!
It's been weeks now that tabloids and newspapers are talking about the alarming increase of the number of people being diagnosed with HIV virus- especially among young professionals... Some doctors say it's because of the lifestyles of those affected. The night life of the people- hanging out in discos,drinking,loitering or malling during night time; where they meet different types of people. They made special mention those 'yuppies' [young professionals] who are connected with outsourcing companies, like call centers. They render services 24/7, in which employees work on shifts.Those who work at night ten to relieve stress through one night stands- without 'protection'- disregarding the consequences it may bring them. That's why we have this situation today. But I think it's good that the government is doing something about it- but distributing condoms is not the remedy. Schools, health workers and other concerned institutions must initiate seminars and do more to solve this upsetting problem.
What do you think?

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