Friday, June 1, 2012

Arm less Fil-Am girl weds her Tae Kwan Do instructor

  Jessica Cox, 29 an  Armless pilot and motivational speaker finally tied the knot with Patrick Chamberlain, her tae kwan do instructor after a year of engagement at a Pasadena, California church last May 12.
Jessica, an honoree of the American with Disabilities (ADA) in 2010. Pres. Obama called Cox an inspiration of handicapped people to the tens of thousands of people at the White House.
how they met: (Chamberlain said): “Jessica and I met through taekwondo. I was her instructor...I was working with another lady, we were running a school, and Jessica came in. She was asked to do a special demonstration for our World Championships in front of our grand master and about 5,000 people. So she needed extra training to get ready,” 
"Not long after that, I got transferred to another school. And I thought, what the heck. She's an amazing person. I'm taking her to dinner. And the rest is history."
It was just a small wedding, with a few perks.. Like instead of a ring, Jessica had and anklet on her left ankle and she used her foot to cut the cake..
Her friends and family are very happy for them, especially for Jessica to have found someone who sees what she truly is and loves her.. 
She is truly an amazing person and an inspiration to all.
I hope they have a wonderful life together. 

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