Monday, January 10, 2011


Every year thousands of Filipino devotees goes back  to Quiapo Church to celebrate the Feast Day of The Black Nazarene , and each year  more and more are added to the legion of devotees gathered to join the festivities.Defying the heat and the sudden burst of  rain,  flocks of believers many of them barefoot carried the life size image  of the Black Nazarene in

frenzied demonstration of faith through the streets of downtown Manila.

Many took part in the annual fiesta to  ask God for help and  guidance , others  thanks  Him for the blessings they had received  but most of them have  committed  their life to Him in return for all the favors  that have been granted to them. Million have attended the Dawn Mass at Rizal Park's  Quirino Grandstand before the procession began.Around 7 million plus estimates muscled their way through the streets,  hold  the rope and help  pull the carriage of the Icon on it's way to Quiapo Church it's home for 404 years.

Devotees were waving white towels as the procession moves on, others throw theirs to the "Ihos de Nazareno" who are with the Icon,  wipe the towels to the Black Nazarene and give back to them. Some devotees  became unruly maybe because of the heat and too  much people.Others said its really a sacrifice and hardship but all these turns to happiness  and contentment once its over.

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