Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Vizconde massacre" case has come to a close...

Philippines is on the headlines news again, thanks to our slow-moving, acting in good faith and justice. Dec. 14 was truly a day to remember, when majority of the justices voted for the dismissal of the cases (massacre of the Vizconde family and rape) against the group of Hubert

Webb; stating the lack of evidence to pin the crime to them. Mr. Webb was said to be in the U.S. when the crime was committed ,they even had videos and testimonies from people whom he met in his stay in America to prove it... As they say, bad things come in threes; the accused of the Vizconde massacre were proven not guilty beyond reasonably doubt, the dismissal of the case of Katrina Halili against Hayden Kho (sex video charges), and the giving back of Imelda Marcos' mansion in Leyte(the wife of the ruthless dictator of the Philippines).
In the Vizconde case, both sides are victims of justice delayed and justice denied. What more if the aggrieved party had no money to pursue the case in court- it could have taken forever... What can you say about this? Were the decisions right or wrong?

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